How to find inexpensive (sometimes free!) help managing your website

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Fri, 06/07/2013 - 09:00 -- jenn

So you have a new website and you are all jazzed up about keeping your content fresh and staying active on social media.  It doesn’t take long before the reality of running your daily business tasks puts your website on the back burner!  Enter the interns.

Many community colleges who offer Web Development programs often have an internship requirement.  Students need to spend a certain number of hours working in the real world for a real client. 

A local example is Highline Community College in Federal Way, Washington.  The Web Development/Database Degree program requires 60 hours of internship time.  The internship hours can be used developing a website, working with a database, updating a website, or some other industry related task.  The internships are typically done toward the end of the student’s education.  Students can approach your task with some of the most up to the minute industry trends.

Highline offers a job board where internship opportunities are posted.  Some clients offer a small salary, while others do not.  Students can browse this job board or find their own internships.

Using interns to add or change content on your website or run your social media program can create a mutually beneficial situation.  Your business will keep its content fresh and you will continue to build your social media community while helping a student.

If you’re interested in posting an internship job at HCC, contact either Tina Ostrander or Ravinder Kang.